Parlux’s mission as a company is to evolve, advance, and modernize the potential of all its products. In the last decade, advancing technology has been introduced to the most extraordinary system. Ceramic &  Ionic Technology. Once introduced to it, cutting edge and leading hair stylists around the world can’t live without it. Ceramic & Ionic technology has improved and quickened the process of drying hair, all the while still protecting the hair's natural moisture. This sophisticated system is now a crucial feature for all the latest Parlux hair dryers.

The combined effect of ceramic and negative ion charge allows heat to be distributed directly into the hair, thus not drying out the hair's external structure. This cutting edge technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, which in turn makes it shiny, soft, and healthy.

Parlux Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Parlux hair dryers are made in Italy with an advanced manufacturing process and high-quality checks at every step of the way.