Mission Statement

Parlux is the most sought after hairdryer by the most cutting edge and best hairdressers around the world. Parlux complies with their most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to meet the specific requirements of high performance and reliability. Parlux is the most modern and dynamic hair dryer company offering innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and assistance concerning our professional products designed to meet the demanding and continuously evolving needs of those who use our products.


The Parlux blueprint or scheme model has always been inspired by clean clear lines and simple symmetrical shapes that guarantee perfect efficiency and simplicity of use.

"Simplicity" is the feature that distinguishes the "elegance" of the Parlux products, together with being made of high-quality and state-of-the-art materials, hence making it a leader over the last few decades.


• Respect is the fundamental value that characterizes everything Parlux does.

• Respect for our customers by continually investing in developing the features of our products including noise reduction while always maintaining reliable quality!

• Respect for our national & international partners as building long-term relationship with them is vital to Parlux’s success.

• Respect for all the employees, who work daily alongside the company making it the best it can be.

• Respect for the acknowledging their rights and keeping Parlux a recognized name in the industry.

• Respect for the Environment by making sure our dryers are the lowest EMF dryers and are considered "Eco Friendly".

Reliability and Endurance

Well, that is what Parlux products are built to.

Especially for hairdryers, reliability is an important feature beginning from the design stage and continuing through to every single component to provide the following features::

Durability: every motor used by Parlux guarantees at least of 2000 hours of trouble-free operation
Efficiency: the maximum air flow expressed in cubic meters per hour, (m³/h) with variable output and calibrated temperature balance.
Silence: Quiet motor
Balance: Little to no vibration
Light: Our lightweight dryers cause less joint pain than other, heavier dryers
Strong materials: durable casing that does not crack easily - a feature to better protect the hair dryer's internal components if dropped
Consistency: the high quality level of our products
Reliability: Parlux hair dryers adhere to the strictest national and international standards (EN 60335-1 – EN 60335-2-23) certified by the IMQ, SASO, CSA, SGS, TUV, CCC, PCBC, KUCAS, SISIR, SIRIM, compliant with the strictest health and safety standards after rigorous product testing which Parlux conducts for the peace of mind of any stylist who uses Parlux products.
Quality: Our Quality Management System allows us to consistently improve company operations.

Parlux Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Parlux hair dryers are made in Italy with an advanced manufacturing process and high-quality checks at every step of the way.